Shakespeare and Romanticism Workshop KRE, 2020. october

Jonathan Edwards Workshop KRE, 2020. december

Gondolkodó szeretet

Religion and Culture

Luther and Hamlet

Luther Conference


Luther Conference

Other videos

Mark Noll with Mark Baer

On the Reformation both a Hope College: Blessing and a Bane

Peter Marshall:

Vancouver 2017 50 min 18

Yale lecture 8 Reformation and Division 1530-1558

Marin Marty (1928-)

Fundamentalism Project

Reformation 500

Mapping Out American Spiritualities–V3NhoAig

How did I come into my Faith

Mark Noll with Mark Baer :Reformation : Blessing and a


Is There More Truth in Shakespeare than in the Bible

Peter Holland The Code Cracked (Shakespeare’s Catholicism)

Notre Dame, 2007 (No 2)

John Finnis The Four Last Things in Shakespeare Notre Dame

2015 (No 3)

(Patrick Martin and John Finnis TLS in Phoenix and the Turtle)

Clare Asquith Shakespeare’s Dark Matter Notr Dame (No 4.)

(author of  Shadow-Play 2105)

John Pearce Will the Real Shakespeare Stand Up? Shak and Cath Notre D (No1)
a convert to from National Front Catholicism (after his anti-Catholicism) influenced by Chesterton

Clare Asquith As You Like it and the Elisabethan Catholic Dilemma

(poersmouth 2011)

John Pearce: Resusants

Shakespeare Versus Milton Kings of Englsih Literature

John Yamamoto-Wilson

Shakespeare and Catholicism